[Beta round 1] AntiLoop

    May 22 2011 | 8:10 pm
    I need a few trust worthy souls to test out my beat generating application. I'm only taking a few individuals right now so if you don't hear from me, it's not personal and there's always the public beta.
    Right now I'm looking for big dumb mistakes, feature suggestions and over all impressions.
    email me at matt---a-t-----estatesound---dot----com

    • May 22 2011 | 9:37 pm
      it feels like i've been asking the same question over and over again on this forum, so forgive me if this is the second or third time for you, but are you looking for windows users as well?
    • May 22 2011 | 9:44 pm
      If I have some success on my home turf perhaps. But not currently.
    • May 22 2011 | 9:46 pm
      People should also know. This is not the same old AntiLoop from years ago. This is an entirely new, more awesome, more beautiful, better sounding serious business application.
    • May 23 2011 | 8:47 pm
      I'll take one or two more. This is a really fun toy guys!
    • May 25 2011 | 7:25 pm
      ah... i've been told too many times that "the windows version is coming soon" that i assume it's not coming... but could you at least post some screenshots just for the smell?
    • May 25 2011 | 8:30 pm
      Mesa, you make a good point.
      Right now I'm still kind of tormented with deciding between copy protection, payment, and open source issues. Hopefully my crew of testers will give me some insight into what this whole thing is worth.
      I don't see this going to PC but only because hardly anyone used earlier AntiLoops. If the public beta testers absolutely love it and there's demand from PC users, I will either personally port it or open up the source code. You have my word. This application is a whole new ballgame so if people want it, they'll get it somehow.
      As for screen shots, plenty when we do public beta. For fun, here's the splash screen