big change detector (number)

    May 09 2010 | 3:02 am
    I am making smthn detect multiple detected blobs by using cv.jit.centeroids > cv.jit.label I also have to detect each blob's death, but labeled blobs conjugate with other blob or replaced by other blob with same label. so it stays alive even object is gone. because it is impossible to detect object's existence only with blob detection.
    SO, I will make change o meter of each blob size of blob's center coordinate because my capturing aims stated objects... thus it can detects object's movement by comparing initial detected size(after ready time pass) and big size change when object moves. I know it is not accurate to detect object's existence. but I can't find other ways to know that......
    so anyone let me know how to store the number of initial detection and set +,- range of it, so I could know when the number has a big change?