Big Patches Causing Problems?

    Jul 16 2013 | 7:34 am
    Hi, I use two very large M4L patches, meaning they have many subpatchers and control many aspects of the live set. One is Maxuino, (which takes forever to load) and the other is one I made, which also takes forever to load and controls most things in ableton live, (tempo, devices, gets track names_
    The live set has 4 audio tracks and 1 midi track. The "normal" devices and m4l patches I use are Omniloper, Beat repeat, EQ8.
    I am just wondering if this could be causing problems with how my computer runs while doing a set. Sometimes (when I use touchosc over udp) there seems to be quite a bit of latency too. Many of the subpatchers have the live.remote which is said to be resource hungry, but I am just wondering if big max patches can cause latency, lagging, drops, etc. Any input?