biquad~ + matrix~ problem

    Apr 02 2006 | 9:49 pm
    Hi: I think It has a simple and stupid answer but I can't see it nowadays. It's also hard to explain the problem without sending at least my 15 patches... so I'll try my best:
    Supose I have 3 oscilators and 3 biquad~ everything in diferent patches, conected to a 3 x 3 matrix~ using send~ receive~ pairs. (I already knows about feedback loop, conecting outs to ins, stops all)
    So: If I connect OSC1 to BIQUAD1, the osc stop working, the same if OSC2 to BQ2 and OSC3 to BQ3. If OSC1 is connected to BQ2 for example, I goes fine. I think you're not even able to imagine my patch but I think there should be some design issue regarding this I missing out. I think it's something related to the name argument used on send/receive pairs and how MSP tread this. Of course I'm not using the same name for diferent signals... but I read and look and replace and change everything in my patch and it always goes the same. I'll keep going but maybe there's some advice or thougt about it you can give me. THX very very much..