Bizarre Groove~ Behavior

    Apr 15 2011 | 3:37 pm
    When I change the signal of the groove object from positive to negative when in non looping mode, it triggers the sample to play again. This is unfortunate, because I would like to be able to prepare a reverse playback without necessarily triggering the file. What is totally bizarre, is that the time you wait between the end of the file playback and the changing of the signal from pos/neg is the amount of time you have to wait until the file then plays back.
    So say the file plays at signal value 1. You wait 5 seconds and change it to -1. Wait five more seconds and the file plays backward. If you wait 10 seconds, it is the same. If the forward is +1 and the negative is _.5, then the delay proportions are doubled.
    Somehow, somewhere, there is an internal clock that keeps counting in sig~ or groove~ but I just don't know why or how. I have attached a file with the basic idea. Any tips to overcome this would be much appreciated!