Bliptronome + M4L + Live

    Feb 10 2011 | 10:36 pm
    Hey all, I am new to the whole monome thing. I have Bliptronome and I am trying out before I decide to sink major moola into a full-on monome.
    I am looking for some ideas/patches or something to help me with the current project I am doing.
    I am doing Terry Riley's "In C" soon and have each of the musical snippets as a MIDI file. Right now I plan on using the files in Live's clip view and trigger them via the Bliptronome. What I'd like to do would be to segment the bliptronome to rows and columns that correspond to the clips (loops). Easily done. What I'd like though is for the bliptronome to display the current file being played. So if column 2, loop #3 is being played I'd like to see that particular LED lit up on the bliptronome.
    On another side I'd like to take advantage of the bliptronomes 4 dials to control various parameters of the synths I plan to use such filters, resonance, etc. Given that I have only 4 dials I would like to be able to scroll through them which would allow me to control other parameters other than the four I am limited to with the current set-up.
    Do any of you have any thoughts in this regard?