bluetooth gps and max

    Feb 12 2009 | 7:36 pm
    I am trying to figure out how to get the gps data from my Holux bluetooth gps.
    I can't figure out the serial object. I know the following: -It shows up in the max window "serial: port c: HOLUX_M-1000-SPPslave-1" -In system preferences it is "disconnected" and will remain this way until a gps program connects to it.
    any help would be great.
    thanks in advance, -tailor

    • Feb 12 2009 | 8:44 pm
      update, I found how to interface with the gps. I am getting data from the serial object.
      the only problem is that it is a huge string of numbers and doesn't make any sense.
      it reads 1020 numerical characters anyone know how I can make this xy? or nema?
    • Feb 12 2009 | 9:43 pm
      Have you formatted the data so you are not looking at the ASCII data? If not, look at communications tutorial 2:serial communication. It goes into great detail about formatting information being transmitted over serial.
    • Feb 13 2009 | 3:13 am
      ahh, thanks, that works great.
      I have the nema data in ascii. Im having trouble extracting the information.
    • Feb 15 2009 | 10:53 pm
      I got it all separated. thanks
    • Feb 25 2009 | 5:15 pm
      Hi tailortrik0,
      I have just buought a GPS USB receiver and am about to start the techniques you mentioned in the posts. Are there any tutorials that you used that you could point me towards? I am going to try the steps mentioned above and see what I come up with.
      Just out of interest, what are you using the GPS data for?
    • Jun 24 2009 | 7:04 pm
      azs wrote on Thu, 12 February 2009 21:43...look at communications tutorial 2:serial communication...
      Sorry to be a bit dim but where is this tutorial I have looked everywhere. Is it a tutorial patch or in a pdf (if so which pdf) or online here?
      a+ gar
    • Jun 24 2009 | 7:20 pm
      In max five, you can access it from help>max tutorials> serial communications (under communications.) here is a link to the online version
    • Jun 24 2009 | 7:34 pm
      Thanks, I am on 4.6 at the moment and I'm seeing this advice mentioned in older posts as well so there must be an older version of this - do you know where it exists in 4.6?
      a+ gar
    • Jun 26 2009 | 1:14 am
      I don't know, but I kind of doubt it. Max 5 has been out since october of 2007? I was very confused about the serial data until I got max 5 and saw that tutorial. I would normally have scoured the tutorials, but maybe I missed it in 4.6. Anyway, you should be able to open the patch in runtime and also read the explanation. Copying the objects might be less time consuming than searching for a max 4 version of the same patch.
    • Jun 29 2009 | 9:56 pm
      good idea about using runtime 5, hadn't thought of that. I've remade it now in 4.6 and am working through it. Thanks.
      a+ gar