bluetooth headset to max

    Dec 26 2007 | 9:46 am
    hi there, hope everybody had an happy christmas! on my side i tried to setup a bluetooth headset (cell phone) to max/msp. i'am on leopard and the sound is working ok , leopard install a driver and then i can have the sound in max/msp as a motorola coreaudio driver. the thing is i am interesting to get the button value (volume, on/off button) into max, not the audio.. the buttons are fully recognize into os x cause they change my volume setting,cause i can visually see it on the sound preferences panel. i tried to get something with the hi object but the bluetooth doesn't seem to be atcually recognize as HID device, i guess i can get something using "serial" object but didn't success yet.. if somebody have idea, or alreday did something linked with bluetooth and max connecting , just help me :D

    • Aug 16 2008 | 3:29 pm
      Hi Freeka,
      I have just seen this message and am also working on building a patch to link with a performance max patch i am working on, using a Motorola H3 headset (bluetooth device). i plan to use the volume buttons to go between different dials and the such and also use the answer button to activate sequences
      Did you find any resolve to your question. I am sorry that this is not an answer for you.
    • Aug 16 2008 | 4:54 pm
      hi Lewis, i sadly have no answers...
      on osx the only solution i think about will be to use an applescript who looks on these events but it actually sounds like you will have a big latency...
      on pc you can maybe have a look on this
      the headset we are trying to use have these bluetooth profil HFP : HandsFree Profile which isn't really good to use as a remote here are some infos on the AT commands
      if you really want to use an headset you should look on headset who works with AVRCP profil...
      but again i m not sure it ll help..
      GOOD LUCK :D