Bluetooth in Max/msp? WinXp

    Mar 29 2010 | 11:00 pm
    Hello peoples,
    Yet another venture into the Max-world brought me to buying two bluetooth-dongles this weekend. I am working on an installation which will detect incoming bluetooth (and wifi) signals from people/computers around and hoping to direct the info to Max. For the installation i am actually only interested in the number of available connections (sorta like the [Discover]-object found in the MobileProcessing's Bluetooth-library and hooked up to a counter. After searching the forum (11 pages!) i came across a lot of people asking similar questions ( and at least one exact:). The general advice is looking into the [Serial]-object, so i did. But i have no idea wat i'm looking for. For example there is no output coming out the left outlet, i do get read/write messages out the right output but thats all, when i press "print" it outputs 8 available ports (COM1 to COM11) so when i connect to one of them Max almost freezes so i guess there must be some connection or data flowing through but still no reaction (for all the other ports i get the message "specified port not available"). What makes it even worse, the manufacturer has absolutely no support on their website, it even refers to another company/website for the datasheet. (which is still "limited" to say the least).
    Thanks for any possible answers/leads. Unfortunately i don't clue anymore...
    I also came across the option of installing a VCP (Virtual Com Port) haven't tried it out (yet) but ofcourse hoping not too.
    The product (+"datasheet")