boids and jit.bfg ?

    Nov 01 2009 | 11:06 pm
    Hello guys, I m trying to do a "morphing" toghether a boids object with a jit.bfg. Basically Im trying to merge the 2 output objects with the xfade object to smoothly merge the xyz coordinates of the boids with the xyz coordinates of the jit.bfg, but on the jit.bfg side i got only a kind of one-dimensional line. I belive the problem is that the boids object outputs a 100x2 3 plane matrix, while the jit.bfg requires more vertical dim., like 100x100 , 3 plane matrix. Im stuck here, i cannot find any workaround to let the vertices of boids fit the vertices of jit.bfg. Any hint id more than apreciated!!
    here the patch: