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    Sep 05 2006 | 10:29 pm
    I'm busy reading the manual for the software now, and am more interested in the low level programing controls that are possible with Max. Technical support people informed me that cycling 74 supports both a graphical programing environment, and also has a great way to play with the bits and bytes in sound files.
    I've been coding software from the ground up, and am interested in the algorithms and math audio engineers are using the design the codes for plugins and externals. So if anyone could provide good off-line books or resources before I buy this software I might have a shot at understanding just what I can do.
    I coded a Wav Bmp Convertor in Delphi this week. It is like a hex editor for sound files, that lets you play with the amplitude of the files in photoshop. That's my blackboard for moving forward.
    Subjects I'm interested in are vocoders and noise removal. And using my software I've been able to blend different effects together I sampled and modifide with a vocoder. The end product was a little noisy, but I was able to take all of the noise out with a filter.
    If I could actually code an algorithm in Max to blend my samples together, and had good noise removal tools. I'm sure my sound would be even better. But I want to be sure I'm able to actually code my own vocoder, and noise removal tools myself from the ground up inside of the cycling 74 software. And write my own program to preform my blending algorithms.
    I have a few samples on my webpage of the work I have been doing this week. ( They sounds like 3 voices in harmony, and not just one robotic vocoder. I attached the file to this message.

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      Well, to my knowledge, there is only one, very hard to get hold of book on MSP (which seems to be watch you are after) the todd winkler book being only on Max (though a fantastic one it is).
      To answer the question by the sound of it. It will do what you want it to do, there is an extensive group of objects (not to mention many externals) that deal with FFT - making a vocoder or anything similar very much possible. Infact, if you check the max objects database ( theres a whole page worth -including the FFTEASE object by eric lyon which is a fantastic vocoder object. -though you may be more interested in making your own.
      My recommendation, download the 30 day trial and check it does everything you like.Certainly looking at your work, much could be possible to replicate in max along with jitter, as picture to audio and visa versa are just as possible.
      Good luck, any more questions dont be afraid to ask T
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      Thanks, but just curious. Do you know of a way to blend two sound files together with this software already?
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      On 6-Sep-2006, at 0:29, Corey White wrote: > I'm busy reading the manual for the software now,
      That *is* the book, and with the "Tutorials and Topics" you've got excellent documentation.
      If you want to start building your own external objects in C, you'll also want to download the SDK.
      -- Peter
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