Bpatcher inside poly~ ?

    Apr 05 2010 | 10:45 am
    Hi, I had this sort of great idea of creating synthesizer modules like adsr, oscillator, filter etc. inside a bpatcher, and save them as prototypes. This way you have the stuff you use often at your fingertips. They have for instance signal and velocity in, so you can connect them like genuine synthesizer building blocks very quickly.
    - Is anyone doing this with bpatchers and prototypes / like the idea?
    Now I want to use the bpatcher-prototypes inside a poly~ subpatch, and create a bpatcher of the poly~ file, and put this in the top window, to see if this would work (so far: didn't work) This too me, would seem like a really quick way of cobbling together polysynths.
    So far the idea, now for the practical side of it. Inside the poly every instance of a bpatcher prototype is unique (#0 inside it gets replaced with a unique number) But controlling the bpatcher-prototypes insde the poly~ bpatcher doesn't seem to work
    Question two (the big question): could the controls of bpatcher-prototypes inside a poly~ (whose contents are shown on top in a bpatcher) work? Because it doesn't at this moment...
    here's the adsr as example of a module, hope this makes sense to you all.