Bring Firewire 'fake' DV input to Jitter - error

    Nov 11 2010 | 3:45 pm
    I was able to give and take dv screen capture between two macs by using firewirehub. following way...
    but I see error when I use my patch's jit.qt.grab It is weird because I can see firewire dv video input with using Quicktime's Movie recording.
    I found out the Quicktime should not running to detect the Firewire input on Jitter, On Jitter, I see two Firewire selection available, but I don't see the screen when I select the Firewire input on the list.
    Is there any reason that firewire ‘fake’ dv input’s video signal cannot read on Jitter’s grab? Anyone can help me??
    Thank you