broadcast video from max to a variety of clients

    Apr 05 2011 | 10:31 pm
    Hello all,
    My ultimate goal is to be able to send video and live feed from MAX/MSP to iPod touches and other mac clients. To make things easier I ran some tests on multiple macs over wired LAN instead of wireless. I am able to send&receive videos using as well as broadcast&receive using jit.broadcast over LAN among multiple macs. Also I found a very helpful scalable video coding using SPIHT for MacOS (mcl.jit.spihtbin) that delivers almost real time results for live feed even over wireless network. However, I somehow cannot get jit.qt.broadcast work (when I open the .sdp file on the other end, it says streaming but nothing shows up). I installed Darwin Streaming Server to see if that would help but didn't seem to help. On that note, isn't jit.qt.broadcast object its own rtsp streaming server anyway? So im not even sure if DSS was relevant. I tried doing it over WAN, LAN, private network created on the Mac, still no luck..
    On the iPod front, I am using OPlayer (as VLC mobile player is no longer available). With this somehow even jit.broadcast is not working. It worked once for a second and from then on, it keeps loading and loading but cannot open the URL. Has anybody tried anything like this?
    My findings: jit.broadcast- great when wired, very choppy when wireless, can multicast or unicast, cannot do live feed, iPods can access stream in theory. - can do live feed, cannot multicast, iPods cannot access stream. mcl.jit.spihtbin - best results for wired or wireless, can do live feed, cannot multicast, iPods cannot access stream. jit.qt.broadcast - cannot get it to run at all. need - multicast video stream (live and movie) that a variety of clients can access.
    I'd appreciate any help on this