browser button opens a "preset" from a webserver in Max like FilterForge does

    Jul 26 2013 | 1:51 pm
    I'm trying to reproduce this functionality I see in the Photoshop filter program FilterForge, where you can peruse a huge library of filters on their website and download any one of them for instantaneous use in the program (and it stores it in your local app library for later use). The download button on a filter page at has a link like "filterforge://open-1113" where 1113 is the ID of the filter. On my PC, Chrome asks for permission to open Filterforge, which then opens (if its not already open) and connects back to the remote server to download the filter parameters. With my max runtime called mymaxapp.exe, could I do the same? Could I somehow use a link like "mymaxapp://preset-1234". On Windows, I assume mymaxapp.exe would have to be "installed" using an installer like NSIS so that the OS knows that it is an app (ie it can't be a "portable" app). But if I can get it to open mymaxapp.exe how do I "pass in" a preset ID of 1234? There is no equivalent here of "a program that is opening a file" - mymaxapp.exe can't "open" something. If I could pass in an ID I know that I can use jit.uldl to pull the data for that particular preset from our server. Or maybe there is another way to "push" something down (ie preset data) from the Internet rather than have my max runtime pull it down. This solution needs to work for the general public, so can't rely on a special custom configuration on a single PC - the whole solution needs to be installed from my installer, preferably without requiring something like java. TIA for any help, guidance! -bob