buffer~: can't resize now. Why???!!!!

    Mar 04 2014 | 2:22 pm
    Mac OSX latest, MaxMSP latest
    I keep getting a "can't resize now" message; what are the possible reasons for this?
    The offending patches...
    I have a temp buffer~ that I load samples into. I then select a portion of that buffer (in [waveform~] and copy it into a different buffer using [clear], [size ...] (derived from the waveform~ selection and set in milliseconds) and then [peek~]. The first time I do this it works ok. If I then copy a differently sized segment over, I get the "can't resize now" message. The selection copies over to the buffer, but leaves a gap at the end (the extra length of the previously copied sample), or truncates it in the case of a longer selection. Having audio on or off doesn't make any difference. I've tried resizing the destination buffer~ using both a [prepend size] message and sending the new size to an attrui. If i open up the subpatcher containing the destination buffer and try manually changing the value in the attrui, max freezes (and, incidentally, leaves me with with a coloured wheel cursor even if I force quit max).
    { (Edit) - I've just added a [crop x y] message to the destination buffers - that doesn't work either, and brings the "can't resize' message up. incidentally - the crop message box that is created when selecting the item in the contextual menu only has a single $1 argument, rahter than the 2 required. }
    What kinds of situations would bring up this error message? (It's not documented in the docs as far as I can see).

    • Mar 04 2014 | 3:27 pm
      If I open the subpatcher containing the destination buffer and resize, then there's no problem. So presumably something elsewhere in the main patch is referring to the buffer~ in such a way as to prevent resizing. Is that possible??!!
      And even wierder - at the moment this only affects the first on of the six destination buffers (each in an abstraction). I'm pretty sure that, on other, intense working sessions, this has ended up happening on some of the other modules, but at the moment it's only abstraction #1.
    • Feb 27 2016 | 12:13 am
      I would also be interested to know what situations could cause this error message…