buffer error messages

    May 30 2006 | 8:22 pm
    hi all,
    Can anyone help me with this...?
    latest max/msp/jitter
    latest OSX
    Ti PB
    I have a large patcher containing subpatchers as both bpatchers and
    There are 3 buffers sitting inside abstractions, with arguments to
    set the buffer name etc.
    I'm trying to get it running on another laptop, and have temporarily
    copied across all of my max folders (though I re-installed max &
    jitter, to be safe) and am running the patcher either in max in demo
    mode, or as a collective with runtime (which is what i am ultimately
    aiming to do once I've ironed the kinks out).
    I've started getting a message, when I try to load sounds into a
    buffer, that says:
    error: buffer~ ; can't read file now
    it doesn't always do it on every buffer, and it doesn't always do it
    first time I try to load.
    Anyone have any idea what that might mean?
    I don't know if this is connected, but I'm using a number of
    tap.tools externals as well, and I'm getting an error message for one
    of them ...
    error: tap.buffer.snap~: invalid buffer
    these are [tap.buffer.snap #1] objects inside abstractions. It looks
    like the buffer name (one, two etc) isn't getting down to the object
    in time (is that possible?); although none of the other buffer
    related objects are having a problem.
    I realise this is one for Tim Place, but thought I'd add it in in
    case anyone thinks this might be the cause of the problem. (And yes,
    I'm going to try removing them to see if that makes any difference -
    but I really want to be able to use these).