buffer~ object inconsistency

    Mar 14 2006 | 9:13 pm
    I've noticed a quirk in the buffer~ object. Steps to reproduce:
    1. open patch below 2. load 22KHz audio file
    Expected behaviour: buffer~ remains 1000 ms long, 1000 ms of audio gets loaded in
    Actual behaviour: buffer~ gets resized to 2000 ms long, only 1000 ms of audio gets loaded in, last 1000 ms of buffer is empty.
    Desired behaviour: buffer~ should always stay length defined by its argument, unless replace or size messages are used, even when soundfiles using different sample rates are loaded.
    Version info: MaxMSP 4.5.5, MacOSX 10.3.9
    Now I can probably guess WHY this happens, but that doesn't mean I LIKE that it happens :-P
    Or am I being too finicky?
    bless the little C74 elves.