bug: jit.window with ;max hidemenubar front

    Jul 18 2010 | 6:57 pm
    hey cycling team,
    if do this: - hide the menubar with ;max hidemenubar - show the jit.window fullscreen (doent matter isf you use the fullscreen 1 or the rect message) - send the front message to the jit.window
    then framerate goes down to 1-3 fps
    my system is: actual max5 version (5.1.4) mac mini 3,1 mac osx 10.6.3
    there are 2 workarounds i found: 1) do not send the front message to jit.window move the patcher offscreen with a window size -200 0 -10 100, window exec to the thispatcherobject
    2) sending a ;jitter glreadback fbo message to the mainpatcher
    my question is: does a a ;jitter glreadback fbo message slow down my performance ? i could not find a documentation.