bug loading freezing externals

    Apr 24 2013 | 4:05 pm
    I'm having some frustrating troubles trying to freeze a max for live video device that uses the syphon external. Syphon works great with the device unfrozen. I can freeze it and it still works - until- i close and restart live and then it breaks. On editing the frozen device it throws this error:
    jit.gl.syphonclient: unable to load object bundle executable 2013-04-23 14:59:15.552 Max[1761:f07] Error loading /Users/bob/Library/Application Support/Cycling '74/temp-Max/mxt/jit.gl.syphonclient.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.gl.syphonclient: dlopen(/Users/bob/Library/Application Support/Cycling '74/temp-Max/mxt/jit.gl. syphonclient.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.gl.syphonclient, 262): Library not loaded: @loader_path/../Frameworks/Syphon.framework/Versions/A/Syphon Referenced from: /Users/bob/Library/Application Support/Cycling '74/temp-Max/mxt/jit.gl.syphonclient.mxo/Contents/MacOS/jit.gl.syphonclient Reason: image not found Jitter initialized
    i'm on osx 10.8, live 9.1 32bit, max 6.1.2
    It seems to be the exact same problem encountered by people trying to create max standalones with the syphon external described here: https://cycling74.com/forums/frameworks-in-external-vs-framework-loading-in-standalone-app
    their solution was to manually add files to the standalone after creating it but this doesn't seem to be an option for amxd files.
    Can any one suggest a solution or help find the root cause?
    big thanks, bob