[Bug Max6 pattrstorage] interpolation between presets causes RAM overload!

    Jul 22 2013 | 8:30 am
    I had a lot of crashes lately with pattrstorage Ι tried to find a solution till i noticed this. The RAM increased rapidly when i was interpolating between presets! Is like every dataset of pattrstorage added in RAM when recalled. The memory is not released till the max is closed. I say so easilly that it is a bug because it happens only with max 6 (i tried max 6.1.2 and max 6.1.3) and not with max 5.
    The problem is more obvious with large datasets (aka many presets with a lot of parameters binded) Compare hitRam3b3.maxpat with 3b2.maxpat. The first has double presets and causes double RAM increase.
    Just open the task manager (on windows) and watch what happens under performance ---> memory(RAM) when tweaking and interpolating between presets with the numberbox.
    Windows Intel core i3 2.4GHz 4 GB RAM (max 6.1.3) Windows Intel core duo 2 GHz 4 GB RAM (max 6.1.2)
    Please Cycling make a silent update Giorgos

    • Nov 28 2013 | 1:48 pm
      I'm also for this one! Must be in the future update. Currently as of Max 6.1.5 it is not solved.
      My current project will not make any sense without preset interpolation.