[bug] omx.4band~

    Jan 13 2014 | 4:25 am
    Regarding omx.4band~ and the MSP Compression Tutorial 5: The omx.4band~ object has the following glitch: When sent a "choosePreset" message with a value of 0-3 the "ngthresh1" and "ngthresh2" values are set beyond their user settable range of 0-100. My guess is that this is simply vestigial something and the effective ngthresh values are within 0-100 (~-90-0dB) but it makes the Downward Expander part of tutorial patch C5mMultibandComp4band.maxpat triply confusing: 1. the documentation implies that values sent with the ngthresh1 and ngthresh2 messages should be in negative numbers (dB below full scale) 2. the -90 offset in the "p ngthresholds" object is no longer needed, rendering the downward expander sliders ineffective 3. choosePreset messages effectively "jam" the downward expander by setting it beyond its range
    also, the C5mMultibandComp4band.maxpat patch does not have a "meters $1" message, so it seems the metering does not work until the user figures out that "meters 1" fixes that.
    As an aside, I have a hunch the omx objects' help patchers and the MSP compression tutorials have not been corrected/updated for quite some time. MSP is a great application for implementing limiting and compression. Seems like it'd be worthwhile for c74 to correct the multiple errors in the help patchers and tutorials. If the reality is that the omx MSP objects are not elegant or effective compression/limiting tools in 2014 maybe it's time for c74 to look into a new set of objects and/or tutorials regarding compression in MSP.