bug report: colors do not change in oval object in Max 4.6.2 on intel processor imacs and macbooks

    Nov 12 2006 | 4:10 pm
    Hi, I experience a problem when attempting to change the colors in the oval/ring/square/frame objects.
    this occurs on my version of max which is 4.6.2, and I am working on an Imac with the 1.83 ghz intel processor. The operating system is 10.4.8.
    this problem also occurs on macbooks with the same version of max and operating system.
    Steps to reproduce:
    1)download and install max on either sytem described above.
    1)open max and create an oval object in a new patch.
    2) open the help file of the oval object by holding the option key and clicking on the oval object.
    3) click on the toggle labeled "start shapes." In the graphic window labeled "helper" you should see black shapes appearing.
    4) change the numbers in the number boxes directly attached to the oval, ring, rect, or frame objects at bottom of patch. The inlet that these number boxes go into is called "color palatte index." The number boxes are labeled with the comment boxes "color (0-255)" in the helper patch.
    Expected results: the aforementioned changing shapes in the graphic window labeled "helper" should change colors, but low and behold they do not.
    thanks David