BUG Report - VST~ playing Fusion Field

    Apr 17 2011 | 2:19 pm
    An instant crash when using the "quick quack" vst plug-in "Fusion Field"
    __I usually use maxmsp 4.x - just because I like it better (or am used to it, or whatever) - and all works fine
    __but when I use "Fusion Field" in max 5 (in a very simple patch noise~->vst~ with fusion field -> dac~ ) it crashes max immediately, as soon as I switch the dac ON ( I think you don't need a patch here, just 3 objects)
    __other plug-ins work as expected. _other plug-ins from "quick quack" work (Ray space) _ works nicely in max4
    _yes, I send a bug report to "quick quack" as well
    (Now i might understand why I use max4 !!!)
    latest version of MAX/MSP, on mac OSX.6.7, macbook pro i5
    many thanks

    • Apr 17 2011 | 4:30 pm
      more info about this crash:
      _actually a VERY simple patch is enough - vst~ object, dac (I use ezdac) and a "plug" message (to call Fusion_field.vst)
      __when I use max4 all works __when I use this very patch made in max4 but opened in max5, all works __when I build this very same patch in max5, instant crash !!!
      (using the plug in a LITE version of live 8 works)
      seems vst~ has problems in max5 !!! (other than with reaktor and absynth!!)
      best - I hope you can fix this one !!
    • Apr 18 2011 | 5:25 pm
      Hi Kasper,
      I've downloaded Fusion Field and am able to get it working fine in Max 5.1.8. Drop a note to support at cycling 74 dot com and we can go from there.