bug: SVG files don't freeze properly

    Apr 21 2010 | 6:02 am
    (actually, it seems like they do, but aren't read properly on load.)
    hello, cycling and bug reproducers/concerned citizens.
    i've been using SVG files in live.text objects, and they work great. but now as i get closer to distribution of some devices, i realize that SVG files aren't read properly from a freeze file. attached is a zipped, frozen device (SVGtest.amxd) that includes a simple SVG file (test.svg). when you load the device, you will just see a blank live.text object. attached is a PNG of how the device should properly appear (SVGtest_screenshot.png).
    when i froze the device and saved it, the max window reported properly....
    freezing device... Adding file test.svg freeze complete
    but once i remove my local copy of 'test.svg', loading the device doesn't show the SVG. the max window within Live reports the following....
    jsvg_create_from_file: can't get pathname
    by clicking the edit button to launch Max and then unfreezing the device, an "Unfrozen Max Device Files" folder does appear on my desktop which contains a perfectly good copy of the original "test.svg" file.
    if you care to reproduce this on your own, do what i did....
    1) create a Max device in Live. click the edit button. 2) insert a live.text object. within the inspector, enable it to use pictures and then point to an SVG file (you must insert or type the path manually; there is, unfortunately, no file path dialog). 3) freeze and then save the device. close the device in Max. 4) the device should appear fine in Live because the local copy of your SVG file is still being referenced. 5) delete said local copy of your SVG file. now when you call up a new instance of your test device, the SVG file will be missing.
    hopefully this all makes sense. if you can reproduce the issue as outlined, please say so. and if you have any idea how long it take to resolve this, please share that. i may have to resort to bitmap graphics for distribution.
    thanks, all.
    --dave linnenbank
    ps, now that i'm on the internet again, i notice that this issue has cropped up in other places before....