bug with VST~ read message

    Mar 18 2009 | 5:43 pm
    for years (on MaxMSP 4.x) i was using a write message to store prestes to my plugings
    the form of the message was
    [write Deep:/Users/KTT/MAX_Ongaku/PLUGSfx/frtest]
    (DEEP being my HD, KTT my user folder etc, and frtest, in this case the name of the preset i am wiling to save in my PLUGSfx folder)
    to reload this preset I was of course using the
    [read Deep:/Users/KTT/MAX_Ongaku/PLUGSfx/frtest]
    now that i have max 5, I am stil able to write teh preset file (I can see it) but NOT to read it - it says it can't find it......
    if i write it with the .fxb suffix, it gives error-1
    how can you save and reopen plug-ins presets automatically??
    _since i am currently giving giving a workshop, i was able to test it on many machines, macs, various OSX and max versions - 4.X works, not max5

    • Mar 23 2009 | 10:13 am
      Kasp, it works for me with Max 5. But i use .fxp file, not .fxb so i don't know if it's the problem. .fxp are for single presets, .fxb for banks of presets...