Build Collective/Application and Pattr Storage Problem

    Dec 05 2010 | 5:05 pm
    Hey all, I have a project with several Bpatchers. I have pattr objects in the subpatchers for future save and load features for the application.
    I noticed that when a pattr object is bound to a dial or something like that, the last value it had when the patcher was saved is automatically loaded when the patcher is opened again. Because of this, I deleted all of my loadmess and loadbang objects that set default values for the subpatchers.
    However, when I built my collective application, it seems that those stored default values have not been placed in the application. Instead, the default dial/number box/slider values are shown. Is there a way to store those default values in without having to rebuild all of those loadmess and loadbang objects?
    Thanks for your help.