Building a standalone includes previous .mxf

    Jun 12 2013 | 9:52 am
    Hi everyone, as stated at the topic title, when a build a standalone from a patch called e.g. "AppA", I also find inside the package contents the following from a specific previous patch e.g. "AppPrev":
    - another .mxf from AppPrev standalone build. It is always the same one... it does not replace the one that i build (AppA), but the bundle contains two .mxf files, two .rsrc and two folders inside the "MacOS" folder in the bundle Contents - files from "AppPrev" codesinging. When codesigned again it says "replacing invalid signature" - a couple of folders with audio samples and pdfs used in "AppPrev".
    The folders with the pdf and samples where put inside the AppPrev standalone by hand , not with "include folder/file" from the max build window.
    This happens even if build the "AppPrev" again (not the duplicate files). I delete the extra files and folders and it seems to be OK... But why does this happen? How can i stop it without uninstalling and re-installing max ?
    I use Max 6.1.2 on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard.
    Thank you in advance Nikolas