Building an Application

    Feb 21 2006 | 9:29 am
    Hi list !
    I've benn trying to build an application from a patch that uses an
    XCode-made mxo external called JazzInterface. However I keep getting
    an error "cannot open JazzInterface.mxo" when building, and when
    executing the resulting app the same object cannot be found. Is this
    a known behavior with mxo objects ? Can anyone help ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Axel Balley
    45, cours Alsace-Lorraine
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    • Feb 21 2006 | 7:46 pm
      I've never successfully gotten the build script to toss the mxo into
      my bundles. Put it in there manually by right-clicking the app,
      choosing show contents and then put the mxo into either the root of
      the contents, or into the MacOS directory.
      I also find that I need to have people I give my mxo's toss the Max
      and MaxAPI frameworks onto their system. The easiest way is to ask
      them to install the demo of Max/MSP, but just putting the frameworks
      on there might be enough.
    • Feb 22 2006 | 4:09 pm
      Hi all,
      sure it wouldn't be the most efficient way (space-wise), but has anyone
      tried to put the frameworks into the bundle. The bundle architecture
      supports private or local bundles, but i've never tried whether they are
      automatically found.
      best greetings,
      PS. I'm happy about the existence of this resurrected Max-dev mailing
      list. It has become impossible for me to follow the general Max list
      because of the incredible volume of postings.