building new pluggos - LIVE and automation

    Feb 01 2006 | 6:37 am
    Having some strange problems. Have latest Max/MSP 4.5.6 (not latest Jitter- jitlib 1.2.4) and latest pluggo 3.53 from the downloads section. Done the tutorials, most would function - couldn't the Midi modulator to work in Live or DP4.5 .
    Ableton Live 5.03 would recognize plugins, process and record parameter automation. However the parameter automation would never work the plugin on playback changes would only occur/update unless one would keep clicking on the "Back to Arrangement " button in Live which would keep indicating the arrangement had changed everytime that an automation parameter had changed.
    This situation also happens with all the new Pluggo VST and AU. Other VST's and Au work just fine playing back automation changes even when in series with a a pluggo. Strange thing is that the Percolate OSX VST_3.1 VST plugins work just fine - they are I guess created with an earlier version. I then tried rebuilding a Percolate Weaver plugin (as the source code is supplied) and the version I built now has the same mis-behaviour.
    Thanks dave Leith

    • Feb 02 2006 | 6:34 pm
      Just a note - the pluggos and 'pluggo builds' all work OK in Digital Performer (4.5). Have not solved the issue in Ableton Live where the automation is in playback stopped after first parameter change where "Back to Arrangement" turns off the automation. (no problem with Live plugs or VST like Prosonics Northpole)
      Is this an Ableton or Pluggo problem?
      Thanks dave
    • Mar 23 2006 | 3:41 pm
      I encounter the same problem. I'm trying to automate pluggo plugs (both the ones from PluggoJr and selfmade ones) via Clip Envelopes in Session View in Ableton Live 5.0.3, without success. Once it hit play the params to be automated snap to their zero position and stay there no matter what the clip enevlope is doing.
      This is what it says on the Ableton Site (they have a forum sticky listing issues with plugs) : --- Cycling '74 all plug-ins like Pluggo, Pluggo Jr., Mode, Hypno, etc. have problems with clip envelopes. Format: AU & VST Platform: Mac Status: We are working with Cycling '74 to resolve the problem. ---
      Before noticing that post i contacted Ableton tech support who confirmed it is a Pluggo problem, apparently Live does properly send automation to the pluggo plug, it's just the plug that doesnt properly deal with it.
      I am really looking forward to a solution to this problem, any info on when to expect one?
    • Mar 23 2006 | 3:46 pm
      Yes - and it's listed on our site as a known problem. We are planning on addressing it in a future update. Thanks, Tim