Building standalone app utilizing AUVI objects

    Nov 24 2010 | 6:24 pm
    Hi, I've created this monstrous patch that uses a number of the excellent AUVI objects all strung together that I was attempting to convert into a standalone app. After having problems getting it to work on another computer, I built this very simple patch, and still, can't seem to get the AUVI object to work in the standalone. When writing the script for the app, I've included the entire folder of AUVI objects just to make sure I wasn't missing anything(I also tried just including the one in the patch). I've added the "jitter-shaders" folder as described here as well: (though, curiously, when I examine the package contents of my app, the "support" folder does not appear within the Mac OS folder as this would suggest, so I put them in "Contents/support/jitter-shaders")
    Here is a link to the app itself, and the script I used when making it:
    Here is the patch itself:
    My machine is a Macbook Pro running Max 5.1.6, OS 10.6.4 The other machine I'm testing the app on is a MacBook 10.6.4
    Other standalones I've built (for example this one w/o the AUVI object) work fine on the other machine FWIW.
    Any thoughts on what I may be missing? Many thanks.