Burden - An Adventure for Ableton Live

    Oct 02 2015 | 3:09 pm
    Burden is a text based adventure game for Ableton Live.
    I got this weird idea of exploring interactive fiction in Max for Live after hearing about the idea of soundtracks for e-books.
    Commands include, but are not limited to: north west east south back quit 'Esc' key will quickly quit the app.
    Enable MIDI, then add an instrument for the optional soundtrack.
    I will continue to update with more chapters/fixes/other content.
    I have also tried to make it a template for other adventures to be created. I avoided using any 'bpatcher' based UI and sticking entirely to 'dialog' for text input to keep it easy to alter. The "soundtrack" also avoids using any external or embedded MIDI files by reading out a 'coll', which will be easy to edit.
    Burden itself is heavily inspired by early AD&D modules with a sprinkle of Lovecraft. I would love to see some other environments and themes explored!
    Check out my website for other gizmos here: http://www.absoundsite.com/ (I have a few more practical releases coming soon!)