Button that works with APC40 buttons and interface

    Dec 17 2009 | 2:50 am
    So I've been struggling with how I might create a button with two aims:
    1. I would like a button that can inherit the functionality of the live.text button (namely being MIDI mappable in Live) but act more like a textbutton object in that the corners are roundable so I can create a toggle style button with square corners as well as not have to set text on the button along with using the standard textbutton properties.
    2. Be able to act like a regular button from the interface but have the same state functionality when triggered from a device. For example, I have an observer on the play button on my APC40 and the value is being fed into the input of the button. When I push the soft button using my mouse, it is held down and when I let go, the button lets go as expected. But when I push the play button down, it sends a 1 which just pushes and lets go of the button it is tied to. Then, when I let go of the play button, it sends off a 0 but it also triggers the buttons on then off. It's as if both the down and up sends a bang when I want to essentially be using "set 1" / "set 0" to set it on and off. What I really want is the soft button to be held down while I have the play button held down and then let go when I let up on the button.
    Does this make any sense? I'm still figuring out MAX so, like many others, please take it easy on me. :)
    I imagine the first request might take some C++. Is that correct? Is this even possible?