C74 iPad App: changing images with set ImageView ImageID

    May 27 2011 | 1:36 am
    Hi there,
    when using the C74 app (www.nr74.org/c74.html) has anyone had any success in building custom layouts using the fpic object and then changing the images with the "set ImageView ImageID" command? Basically, I have two pics showing a button pressed/depressed. I want to change the picture of the fpic button based on its status, i.e. when it's pressed/depressed. However, whenever I use the "set" command to change the picture, I get an error message saying that the picture file was not found. I know the pic files get sent to the iPad b/c I can use the fpic command just fine with those same pic files. I am asking here b/c the developer has not been responding to my emails.