Calculating forces to make phys bodies follow a Jit.path

    Apr 14 2014 | 8:15 pm
    Hi, as the title suggests I am trying to make phys.bodies loosely follow a path by calculating forces on them in relation to a path. I think what I am trying to do is similar to Day 6 of the physics patch-a-day.
    In this patch I can see that a position and a path matrix go in to a Gen object and a force matrix comes out, but I am not so sure on what the Gen code ends up doing with these to output a force matrix. I am also not trying to do this operation on a matrix of positions, and therefore many objects, but rather just one sphere at a time (so just one X,Y,Z coordinate).
    If anyone could explain the Gen code a bit simpler I think that would help me get on my way,or if anyone has any ideas on other ways to achieve moving spheres!
    I made a short video demonstrating the patch for ease as it uses a few java classes. I can always zip it if people want a closer look.