Calculating Plug-in Latency

    Apr 09 2006 | 10:38 pm
    Plugconfig allows the latency in samples of a pluggo to be input into the script as an argument for 'latency' and then makes it available to host sequencers which support delay compensation.
    But how can I calculate the inherent sample latency of a Pluggo plug-in?

    • Apr 10 2006 | 8:51 am
      you should do that in your in your host, by playing
      a click sound through the plug-in.
      in most cases you can also calculate it from your
      say if you use a 512 fft frames algorithm that
      causes a delay of 512 samples.
      or if you delay your audio input by 40 ms
      to process it with a forward looking rampsmooth
      of 80 ms, you will know that the latency of the
      plug-in will be 40 ms.
    • Apr 21 2006 | 5:50 pm
      It depends entirely on your patch, it might be the signal vector size or
      less. The vector size is determined by the host, you can ask for it with
      adstatus. But if for example you put in some big sized pfft stuff, you
      will get at least the latency of the framesize which might be a lot.
      There is no automatic way to find out, but you could record clicks
      bypassed and processed into a buffer and look at the result. Then you'd
      know it.
      Especially the processing will likely introduce time domain distortion.
      Its hard to define the latency just by a fixed number, the perceived
      latency might vary with the signal structure. (test a simple filter send
      in a click, and look how the waveforms are different.)
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