call for artists

    May 17 2006 | 3:45 am
    I've recently been working on getting a multimedia (kitty scratch of
    death) label off the ground, and am now working on putting together
    the first compilation album. The plan is to pair up audio artists
    with video artists for a multimedia release. This will be done via
    random number generator/matching patch (made in max), so that both
    audio and visual artist will have the challenge of possibly working
    with something they never would have chosen normally (however, for
    non-compilation releases, artists may freely choose to work with
    whomever they choose should they desire to do so). Min/max length for
    each track is 1:30 - 8:00. Because this is the first release, if your
    track ends up being too long for you to be able to work with, we will
    be able to work something out.
    After amassing enough artists, I hope to create a community where
    people may share tips/tricks, come up with their own ideas for
    releases, and meet other like-minded artists.
    I would like to gather as many interested visualists as possible at
    the moment, so if this sounds like something you may want to do, or if
    you would like further questions answered, please e-mail me: bryanteoh
    Links to samples of your work are encouraged, but not required at this
    point. I'm not out to screw anyone with this project, or make any
    money. This is a chance for you (and me) to get your/our work out
    there and meet other people to work with in the future.
    Bryan Teoh

    • May 20 2006 | 4:10 pm
      Hi to you,
      I just read youre call. I was a little connfused what you exactly ask for. I make music and work with interactive installations(which I document through filming them).I study fine arts in amsterdam and graduate this summer. So i wanna get out there. You also said something about using patches.....? Sorry I just would like to participate because I think youre idea to set up an multimedia label is great!
      Just confused what to send...
      Please lighten me up about youre request,
    • May 20 2006 | 5:10 pm
      pretty much exactly what plymo said
      Telephone: 07876450843
    • Jul 04 2007 | 7:23 pm
      this is hilarious. pretty much exactly what richardo said. no, actually this sounds amazing.
    • Jul 04 2007 | 7:24 pm
      yeah, bryan, please lighten me up.
    • Jul 04 2007 | 8:07 pm
      This project proposal was made like a year ago, but lost steam
      partially due to laziness. I'm interested in picking it back up
      again, though, if there is enough support from the visual community.
      The original project idea was to collect 15 noise tracks from audio
      artists, then find 15 visualists that would randomly be paired with a
      track. The challenge would be to create a video for the sound.
      If this, in fact, gets rolling again, I plan to release a limited
      press dvd. The idea for this first project is not super crazy or
      anything, but after I get a better feel for facilitating projects like
      this, I'd like to start trying other multimedia based ideas. As of
      now, the label is conceived as largely web-based, but if I can find
      enough financial resources, and there is enough interest, I wouldn't
      be opposed to trying to do more physical releases in the future. It'd
      be nice to start sponsoring events as well, but we need to walk before
      we run ;)
      The audio tracks have already been selected. A few visualists had
      been accepted for the project, but since it's been about a year, I'd
      need to check back with them to see if they'd still be interested.
      Regardless, if anyone is interested, please contact me with samples of
      your work.
      On 7/4/07, Myer wrote:
      > yeah, bryan, please lighten me up.
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      > "To Dwell is to Garden" - Martin Heidegger
    • Jul 07 2007 | 9:38 pm
      I'm in! Real-time Sketch drawing and shaders for teh win.