[Call for Works] Seoul International Computer Music Festival 2013

    Feb 06 2013 | 10:13 pm
    The Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF), one of the biggest electro-acoustic music festivals in Asia, is in its 20th year. It is an understatement to say that the development of computers and music technology has extended the scope of our imagination. There are many ongoing research activities to develop new electronic instruments, multimedia-based works, and the resulting wealth of diversity of genres seems to also reflect the exciting period in which we are currently fortunate enough to live. You will be able to experience this trend in newly created computer music works in SICMF.
    The Korean Electro-Acoustic Music Society is proud to announce the Seoul International Computer Music Festival (SICMF) 2013. SICMF 2013 will be held in October 29 till November 2 at Jayu Theater in Seoul Arts Center.
    Categories 1. Tape music 2. Electro-acoustic music(tape or live) with instruments (up to 8 players) 3. Live electro-acoustic music 4. Audio-visual media art
    Rules & Regulations 1. The submitted work has to be composed after 2010. 2. The duration has to be less than 15 minutes. 3. For the works of the category #2, the number of players is limited to 8. 4. For performances requiring non-standard or special instruments, composers are responsible for providing the instruments and the performers on location. 5. Channels for audio playback are limited to 8 channels. 6. Up to two works may be submitted, but they must belong to different categories.
    Submission Deadline - Extended! Thursday, 28 February 2013, 6 pm (UTC+9)
    How to Submit * We recommend that you use your own file server or web services such as dropbox.com and wetransfer.com to send the required information to us via email (festival@keams.org) instead of using the webhard service described below.
    1. Only online submissions are allowed. - Connect to this site: http://www.webhard.net - Login as ID: computermusic / password: guest - Click the "Upload Only" folder to open it - Create a folder with your name eg. DoeJohn 2. Upload your work as follows: - Audio files must be stereo mp3. - For the category #2 and #3: Upload mp3 file and/or related files(patches, documents, programs, etc.) - For the category #2: You must upload the score(PDF) - For the category #4: Upload the video file in any format (mpeg, mov, avi, etc.). Size of the file should, however, not be bigger than 200MB. 3. Upload a document file (format can be either TEXT, RTF, PDF, or DOC) that includes the following information: - Name - Gender - Nationality - Email - Mailing Address - Homepage (if any) - Title - Duration - Category - Instruments (if any) - Number of Audio Output Channels - Program Notes - Profile - Special Requirements for the Performance (if any) 4. Additional Notes - The uploaded files can only be downloaded by the administrator. So, please do not worry about illegal downloads of your work. - It is not possible to delete or modify uploaded files. If you need to modify anything please go through the upload process with a different name. - The uploaded files will be deleted from the site within a few days after your submission process is completed. - If you wish to submit offline, please contact us via email as early as possible.
    Support Policy 1. We agree to pay all costs for performing selected works (performer fees, instrument rental, etc). 2. We offer lodging cost during the festival(Oct. 29 ~ Nov. 2, 5 nights) for the composers of the selected works. 3. In case a composer needs bring his/her own performer(s) for specific reasons, we agree to also offer lodging cost for the performer(s). * This policy may be subject to change.
    For questions and detailed information, please email us < festival@keams.org >.
    We have CMEK Ensemble in residence for 2013 SICMF and call for works that employ the following instruments will be considered. Any combinations with following instruments are possible.
    Gayageum (Korean traditional instrument) Piri (Korean traditional instrument) Daegeum (Korean traditional instrument) Saenghwang (Korean traditional instrument) Clarinet Cello Classic guitar Percussion (western orchestra percussion sets)
    http://computermusic.or.kr festival@keams.org