Call for Works

    May 17 2006 | 11:21 pm
    Hey everyone,
    I recently put together a multimedia label that I've been trying to get off the ground for the last few months, but many things have fallen through. As a result, I'm going to put out a compilation album to hopefully get the ball rolling. After building a community for visual and audio artists, hopefully KSOD will become a place where people can meet, share ideas, and find other people to collaborate with. I plan on doing physical releases at some point, but as of now I neither have the revenue, nor the publicity necessary to do that.
    I'm sending out a call for works for the first ksod (kitty scratch of death) compilation album. Deadline is July 1rst (although the earlier the submission, the better). Works must be noise-related, and sent to me in 192 kbps mp3 format. 8:00 maximum, and 1:50 minimum.
    Using a random number generator/matching program, I'll randomly pair video artists with each track, so hopefully there will be a dvd to go along with the release (thus the 1:50 min. There needs to be enough audio that the video artist can actually do something with it). I encourage anyone interested get in on this, and get a track to me asap so if I feel it needs a little tweaking to fit the idea I have for the label, you can have time to work on it (although I have a feeling everything will be awesome).
    Also, if you work with video, send me a sample of your work. I still have some slots open for visualists. If nothing else, I'd keep you posted about future projects.
    e-mail me with questions or submissions: bryanteoh AT