calling plug-ins in the vst~ object - bug ?

    Oct 26 2018 | 12:43 pm
    in max 8,-latest- a strange thing when callling vst's : using the "plug" message if I point for instance the ohm Force's plug in Frohmage (latest version) in its AU "flavor", max says "vst~: could not resolve Frohmage_AUMachO.auinfo to a known plug-in Frohmage_AUMachO.auinfo: plugin file not found" but if i take it from the left "margin" menu of plug-ins it opens just fine. Same problem for NI's Guitar Rig 5... but if i send a message "plug Frohmage.auinfo" it opens the vst just fine (or plug "Guitar Rig 5 MFX.auinfo" for Guitar rig). how come the "plug" message does not work as it used to (in max 7 it all works ok, and in previous flavors of max as well)
    being obliged to call the plug-in in the left margin, "transforming" it to multi-channel version, then transforming this to single channel version, just to know which name to use to call a plug-in (this is how i came with MFX for guitar rig) and add .auinfo (why auinfo ?) is not th emost obvious thing to do. thank you