Can anyone clarify/expand on these statements?

    Jan 23 2010 | 2:43 pm
    Concerning [autopattr]
    From the vignette Devices Parameters in Max for Live: "The Scripting Name attribute can be used to identify a UI object when used in conjunction with the Max pattr preset objects. When a UI object has a scripting name set, it will automatically appear in the pattrstorage object's inventory of parameter names when you add an autopattr object to your Max patch as described in the pattr Chapter 2. Max tutorial."
    From the vignette Using pattr in Live Devices: "The autopattr object does not work with Max for Live The autopattr object provides an easy to way manage the state of standard Max objects, but it will not work with the parameter system, so objects that are attached to an autopattr will not be seen by Live."
    So are these two statements contradictory, or is the take-away that [autopattr] works within the Max pattr system inside M4L, but isn't visible to Live's parameter system under the circumstances?
    Thanks, Charles