Can Jitter detect multiple connected monitors?

    Dec 09 2008 | 11:36 pm
    I am developing a patch with multiple output windows, each of which will run in fullscreen on a different monitor.
    Is there any way that Jitter can detect the number of monitors connected, and allocate a window to each one?
    What I am currently doing this:
    1) Manually move each window onto its monitor, and use getpos to find its position. Take note of it.
    2) When the patch loads, use 'pos x y' to put each window on the right monitor. Sending 'fullscreen' to each window will then do the right thing.
    However, it is possible that in the production installation the resolution of the monitors will vary, hence the 'pos' message needs to be different.
    Is there any way of querying the number of monitors connected, and their resolution, from Jitter?