can not get the 42jSlabDataProcessing tutorial working ...

    Oct 05 2010 | 11:37 am
    hello list,
    i am trying to get the 42jSlabDataProcessing tutorial working. especially the patcher slab-composite-DV.
    i followed the instruction of the tutorial: • Open the Tutorial patch 42jSlabDataProcessing and double-click on the p slab-composite-DV subpatch to open it. Click on the toggle connected to the leftmost qmetro object. • Click the message boxes containing and to load two DV movies, and turn on the corresponding metro objects to enable playback. • Load a desired compositing operator from the umenu object connected to the topmost instance of
    but all 3 output windows are black. (foo, GPU, cpu) i would expect something happening in the foo window.
    the other patcher are working (slab-readback, slab-comparison-GPU, slab-comparison-CPU)
    i am on macos 10.5.8, max 5.1.5 macbook pro 2,2
    perhaps someone can give me a hint. thanks,

    • Oct 05 2010 | 7:58 pm
      Thanks for the report. This patch has a design problem, where there are two instances of foo and jit.window foo, and only one is being created. In the meantime, you can save the contents of the [p slab-composite-DV] subpatch to a separate file, close the tutorial patch, and open the new patch. It should then work. Otherwise you could change the arguments in the [p slab-composite-DV] to use bar and jit.window bar to have a fourth window which works as expected.
      Sorry for the nuisance.
      Thanks, Joshua