Can someone tell me why my patch's timing is wrong?

    Apr 20 2011 | 10:32 pm
    Hey all,
    Attatched is a patch im working on, its part of a little collection of musical CA instruments, but for this one the timing seems to drift. I have a metro object running how fast the CA updates and a metro object running the sound generators. in the 'p master loop' is a buffer where i am loading in 120 BPM drum loops (seems sensible for now as max default BPM is if I have a loop running that is the same length in milliseconds, how come I can't get the melody I make to stay in sync? (whatever combination I try it drifts out of time slowly)
    perhaps ot is the envelopes im using not being that accurate??? thats my best guess
    Also If anyone has any advice on how better to organise my patch, one more or one less object here or there, feel free to suggest whatever you like. (for what its worth I am not getting into poly yet - I want to get the niggly issues sorted first)
    Ali, thanks in advance :)