Can't play audio from Quicktime file, PhotoJPEG, uncompressed audio

    Jul 18 2011 | 11:49 pm
    I'm working on an installation that plays back two movies, one of them has a soundtrack which is key to the piece. Audio is not playing on the target machine.
    The movies are encoded as PhotoJPEG 640x480 and the audio is uncompressed.
    On my development system, with Snow Leopard both files play back fine in Max/MSP and in Quicktime player, with audio.
    On the target system, a Mac Mini with OS X 10.4.9, both files play in Max/MSP but without audio.
    A clue to the problem is that neither file plays in Quicktime Player on the target Mac Mini - the screen is white and there is no sound.
    Both files play properly on the Mini using VLC, so there is no hardware issue there.
    Something points to Quicktime on the Mac Mini having a problem. It seems really strange that a format as pedestrian as PJPEG with uncompressed audio is giving me problems.
    Any suggestions re: fixing Quicktime ... or any other lowest-common-denominator video formats that I could try encoding in?