cc.scalebias.jxs won't work when I create an application

    Nov 30 2012 | 11:26 pm
    I haven't found this yet, so I'll post here. I based a patch for a class project off of Andrew Benson's Mirror House from the Jitter recipes (link: It works fine while I open it from within Max, but when I try to create an standalone application, the result won't work because the file cc.scalebias.jxs can't be found. Max itself uses this no problem from where it was put when I installed Max on my Mac. But even when I include the shader file in the build application window, it still doesn't work.
    Mirror House should give anyone enough to reproduce this error, but I'll post my patch just in case. Has anyone else tried to create a standalone using this shader, or maybe any Jitter color shader? Any suggestions on how to get my standalone to include the file so it will work. I'd love to show my work to friends or family, but without this fix I'm dead in the water. Thanks