CCRMA Physical Interaction Design for Music Workshop

    Mar 20 2006 | 4:06 am
    Apologies for multiple/cross posts. This workshop might be of interest to Max/MSP users who want to start incorporating physical interactivity.
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    The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics at Stanford University invites you to participate in the Physical Interaction Design for Music summer workshop. Suitable for anyone interested in interactivity, including artists, musicians, engineers and product designers, this workshop focuses on tools and theory for using physical interactions with computers in expressive ways, with a focus on sound.
    For more information, and to register, go to:
    ------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Physical Interaction Design for Music June 26 - July 7 (2 weeks, including July 4) Instructors: Michael Gurevich, Carr Wilkerson
    This workshop integrates programming, electronics, interaction design, audio, and interactive music. Focus will be on hands-on applications using sensors and microprocessors in conjunction with real-time DSP to make music. Specific technologies will include C programming for Atmel AVR microcontrollers, PD and/or Max/MSP for music synthesis, and sensors including force-sensitive resistors, bend sensors, accelerometers, IR range finders, etc. Participants will design and build working prototypes using a kit that can be taken home at the end of the workshop. Further issues to be explored will include modes and mappings in computer music, exercises in invention, and applications of sensors and electronics to real-time music. The course will be augmented by a survey of existing controllers and pieces of interactive music.
    This workshop is intended for:
    * Musicians or composers interested in exploring new possibilities in interactive music in a hands on and technical way;
    * Anyone looking to gain valuable skills in basic analog and digital electronics, with a focus on invention;
    * Engineers, computer scientists, or product designers interested in exploring artistic outlets for their talents an collaborating with performers and composers.
    The workshop will consist of half-day supervised lab sessions, and half-day lectures, classroom exercises and discussions. Classroom sessions will feature live demos and/or concerts of interactive music and instruments. Participants are encouraged (but by no means required) to bring their own laptop computers with any music software/hardware they already use.
    Stanford University's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics offers five intensive programs where top educators and researchers from the fields of music, engineering, and computer science will present a detailed study of specialized subjects. The workshops are one or two week programs located at the Knoll, CCRMA's newly renovated facilities, on Stanford Campus June 26 - August 25, 2006.
    Please direct general questions about the workshops to: Tricia Schroeter