CFBundleCreate() problem in OSX 10.5

    Sep 06 2008 | 10:42 pm
    This is a fun one -- I don't know if anyone has the answer, but hopefully someone here has better knowledge of how Apple is handling dynamic-loading.
    I'm loading executable code from a bundle, and in 10.4 it loaded "cleanly"; i.e. each instance seemingly had a unique data space context associated with it.
    What I am doing is getting the bundle via CFBundleCreate(), then I load the executable code with CFBundleLoadExecutable() (I do an unload if the bundle had been loaded previously). But it seems that subsequent loads of the code are pointing to the same Bundle ref in memory.
    The Apple docs say this about CFBundleCreate():
    "Once a bundle has been created, it is cached; the bundle cache is flushed only periodically. CFBundleCreate does not check that a cached bundle still exists in the filesystem. If a bundle is deleted from the filesystem, it is therefore possible for CFBundleCreate to return a cached bundle that has actually been deleted."
    and I suspect this may be causing the problem. The docs also say this about CFBundleCreate():
    "May return an existing CFBundle object with the reference count incremented."
    Does anyone know if there is a way to flush the cache or zero the reference count on CFBundle objects?