CFM objects in standalone

    Aug 30 2006 | 3:56 pm
    I'm in the process of getting a patch to work as a standalone with Max 4.6.1. I know there are CFM externals in it, but I wanted to test things out. I built the app on a PPC machine, and when it runs on a MacIntel machine, it gives the error: ? error: : loading old CFM externals disabled which I would expect. However, I didn't expect a LOT of these errors (almost 700 of these lines in the status window). There's only a few CFM externals in the patch, and only a few instances of those, if I remember correctly. Is there a nice, non-excruciating way to tell which externals are causing the errors? Does one instance of a non-CFM external cause multiple errors in the status window? I archived the Max4.5 install before I installed 4.6, so I don't think it is grabbing CFMs by mistake....
    Peter N.

    • Oct 19 2006 | 9:14 am
      There are still some problems with standalones. At startup I have this message and can't get rid of it.
      The error message translation is : impossible to open "MaxMSPCFMSupport" the post-execution script could not be executed nor read.
      On some machines if I click install it works and I'm not annoyed anymore, but on some other it keeps on.
      It is a real problem for me, because my standalones must be used for professional uses and start automatically.
      Roland Cahen