Change default Packages folder?

    Jul 09 2019 | 11:15 am
    Is it possible to change the default packages folder?
    I use Max on a couple of different machines and I want to set it up so that I can just keep my Packages (and Library, which I can change in the options) in a cloud synced folder so I don't have to update each computer separately each time I mess with a package.

    • Jul 21 2020 | 11:39 am
      Hey! Same question here. Any insights?
    • Jul 21 2020 | 12:05 pm
      ...and that doesnt work in /packages?
    • Jul 21 2020 | 12:17 pm
      Ok, found a solution right now that seems to work on MAC: You have to make a symbolic link and place it where Packages folder is now, with the same name, pointing to the new location. I used SymbolicLinker to create easily a symbolic link. It is also handy, if you are using sync tools like dropbox to have the same folder over several machines, so to update one packages collection and all are equally updated. credits to @Jeremy for the tip
    • Jul 21 2020 | 12:26 pm
      I’m using a symbolic link as well but being able to specify it as a preference would be better since the symbolic thing can be a bit fragile.
    • Jul 21 2020 | 12:46 pm
      hm, it can break.
    • Jul 21 2020 | 3:51 pm
      hey guys, why do you consider fragile the symbolic link?
    • Jul 21 2020 | 3:57 pm
      I've had it randomly break in the past, or certain things not get transferred, or other general funky things like that.
      That being said, whenever I've done this is because I've put the symbolic link on two computers and synced it via a dropbox/sync type account as well, so there was just a lot more surface area for things to break.
      For the last 6 months or so I've been doing that and it's all been ok, though I occasionally get things like .mxo's permissions getting broken and having to manually update files on one of the computers.
      Basically I actively use Max on two computers (laptop/desktop) and it's super annoying to keep everything the same on both without pointing them to a central file repository.
    • Jul 21 2020 | 4:01 pm
      Same situation here (actively use Max on three workstations (Mac laptop/Mac desktop + Win laptop). And that is why I ended up at your thread here. I hope I face no big problems. It would be also good that we make a feature request to Cycling 74.
    • Jul 21 2020 | 4:05 pm
      It's nice as you can do that with the externals and snapshots etc..., just not Packages.
    • Jul 21 2020 | 6:07 pm
      and add to that request list that i still would like to be able install and deinstall packages using the package manager locally.